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Executive Coaching

Whether you are in a leadership role or are a potential future leader working with Clearbird will help you navigate your way around some of your challenges and help you to perform to the best of your potential.


When looking at leadership, my philosophy around leadership is based on becoming an authentic leader, working from the inside out and really challenging the individual’s understanding of what leadership means to them. Aspects of leadership that I work on with clients include looking at values and the belief system, understating what leadership means for them, building trust, personal impact, understanding others, empowering others, communication and building their own support team.


Professionals and entrepreneurs can face similar challenges in terms of pressure to deliver and in many cases it can be a somewhat lonely journey as they may have a limited number of people that they can really open up to and confide in. They are under significant pressure to deliver results and coaching can provide that environment where they can take time to reflect. Sometimes we are so busy, the to do list can become overwhelming. What do you decide to focus on that will have the biggest impact on your performance, your business and your life? What do you need to learn to say 'no' to? Are you aware of your personal brand and how you use it to your benefit? Are you good at influencing the right people in a confident and assertive way?



In a coaching relationship we will look at the areas that are your biggest concerns which often includes looking at what is holding you back. These are some of the themes that come up again and again, particularly for women in business:-

  • Working with confidence
  • Your personal brand
  • Owning and raising your profile
  • Influencing & assertiveness - particularly upward
  • Self-promotion as a good thing - and it's your responsibility
  • Builidng your emotional resilience
  • Building you communication skills - especially around crucial conversations
  • Self-compassion - putting yourself on your 'High Priority' List
  • Building towards Leadership

Emotional Capital Reporting
Dearbhalla is a certified accredited practitioner and user of the Emotional Capital Report (ECR and ECR 360), a psychometric test and tool that can be used to define, measure and develop Emotional Intelligence in leadership. She delivers both Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Workshops as well as 1:1 ECR reports and coaching support.


Get in touch with Clearbird here if you think you or someone in your organisation could benefit from 1:1 support of their leadership journey.