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Career Navigation

‘What got you here, won’t get you there’. So says Marshall Goldmsith and I couldn't agree more.

Research shows and my experience supports that while some people take ‘office politics’ in their stride and naturally navigate their way through power struggles, influencing key decision-makers and securing promotion after promotion, many people don’t. Our experience is that many women in particular can benefit from support in navigating their career as they reach management level and beyond.


Own Your Career

If we want Gender Balance to become a reality at leadership levels, we need to start with building awareness and equipping female talent with the skills to influence, have personal impact, know their personal brand and raise their own profile and enhance their strategic perspective. All of these will contribute to not being looked over for the next promotion, being considered for leading that major new project and not written off because they have started a family and may have even opted for flexible working options.

Our Career Navigation Framework helps clients work through these challenges and equips them with perspective, strategies and confidence in their ability to effectively get themselves to the next level. We want clients to move away from avoiding ‘the politics’ to understanding that actively influencing and managing stakeholders is part of the job as they move through their career.


We believe that helping women to understand this and actively navigate it will help companies, retain and grow their female talent so that they are in a position to really have gender balance and diversity at leadership levels.


Traditional Career Coaching & Job Search
We also offer more traditional Career Coaching which is focused on a new job search. We start with a deep dive around strengths, skills, capabilities, your passions and your personal brand, before moving onto CV preparation, LinkedIn Profile and use of LinkedIn in job search, Interview Preparation and going to market.

Choosing a career and changing career doesn't have to be as scary as many think. There's no longer any such thing as a job for life and while many people find choosing or changing career incredibly daunting, instead imagine finding yourself in your dream job instead of dreaming about that dream job.


Many people that I speak to and work with, are less than happy in their job but feel that there no options. Confidence may be lacking or for many women who have some amount of lexibility in their current job. they fear that it will be impossible to get that elsewhere. I don't agree.


At Clearbird, the focus is on equipping clients with the self-confidence to make the change that's needed. We help clients focus strengths and skills as well as passion and being clear about their personal brand before putting a plan in place to start loooking for a job. Looking at advertised jobs and job websites is only one small part of the route to the job market.


Of course, part of the process includes CV preparation, social media presence and use and interview preparation. Depending on the individual, we can also look at effective informal networking (and how to take the fear out of that word) and knowing your elevator pitch linked to your job search.


Once that job is secured we recommend, additional coaching on the ‘First 100 Days’. This typically includes making an impact and get off to a great start through getting to know your key stakeholders and determining where to focus effort for results in those early days. Focusing on those first 100 days further enhances your likelihood of success in a new company, new role and new career.


If you or someone you know can benefit from support in learning how navigate their career successfully, get in touch with Clearbird here.


'I felt that I had so much more to give in my job, however I did not know how to communicate that in an effective way. It was really starting to frustrate me and I could forsee it having a negative impact on my job. Dearbhalla guided me on how to manage my career, she helped me plot out clear goals as well as helping me learn how to assert myself in a persuasive way. If you are in limbo with your career growth, she really can help!'

Sarah, Marketing Manager, Dublin