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What People Say


These are some of the nice things that lovely clients have said about working with Clearbird... 


'I felt that I had so much more to give in my job, however I did not know how to communicate that in an effective way. It was really starting to frustrate me and I could forsee it having a negative impact on my job. Dearbhalla guided me on how to manage my career, she helped me plot out clear goals as well as helping me learn how to assert myself in a persuasive way. If you are in limbo with your career growth, she really can help!'

Sarah, Marketing Manager, Dublin



"Being self employed comes with its highs and lows, and Dearbhalla's coaching has been a great support. She is great at helping me to get to the crux of the issue quickly and always motivates me to put a plan in place to address it. So not only do you come out of a session understanding a particular issue better, but you have a plan to address it! "

Fiona, Business Development Consultant, Dublin



“On returning to work after my maternity leave, I worked with Dearbhalla to regain my personal confidence and redefine where I wanted to go in my career. Dearbhalla helped me to build a support structure into my life in advance of returning to work, so that the transition was manageable. She provided a toolset to guide me through the first challenging weeks. Dearbhalla also created a great space for me to articulate my values and find the balance between work and home. I can highly recommend Dearbhalla's coaching work”

Eva, Global Software Company, Dublin



"After the birth of my first child, a relocation and general life happenings I came to a crossroads. Unable to decipher which path to take, I decided to look for a Coach. Meeting Dearbhalla was a breath of fresh air. Her humility, open mind and general positivity set a perfect environment for the task ahead. Clear Bird gave me the awareness and tools I neededas well as helping me to focus on the activities and areas that were really important to me and let go of  those that weren’t. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dearbhalla as a Coach".

Tara, Brand Consultant, Dublin



“I would highly recommend Dearbhalla as a coach for anyone and particularly to those who may feel a bit uncertain, perhaps at a crossroads in their career. She coached me at a time when I had many choices and was unsure as to what road to take. I found myself wonderfully at ease in her presence whilst simultaneously engaged by discussions and thought provoking exercises. We quickly reached an outcome and here I am, 3 months later, happy both with my choices and the process that got me here”

Emer, Programme Manager, Dublin