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Welcome to Clearbird Coaching and Consulting.


A little bit first about what we do and why we do it...


We deliver executive coaching, leadership development, facilitation & training and consulting services.


Our focus is on working with women to help them to set themselves up to succeed both at work and at home, based on their own definition of success. Women in business, women in leadership or heading for leadership, entrepreneurial women, busy mums and women who would like to get back into the workforce are all our key clients. 


Our passion is making 'it' work for women who work. We work with women (and men) who feel they can benefit from support around career navigation, confidence, building resilience, assertiveness, personal branding, influencing and the many other skills that are required to survive and and succeed in the whichever career phase you are currently in. 


Gender Diversity

Clearbird works with organisations where retaining and growing their female talent to senior management and leadership positions is a challenge and Gender Diversity and Balance is firmly on the agenda. Our belief is that to increase retention and have a real impact on Gender Balance at leadership levels, we need to equip and support women from middle management levels with the awareness, knowledge and tools to help them navigate their careers when the rules of the game change and technical expertise and doing your job well is no longer enough to succeed at the next levels.


We help organisations assess their needs and design and implement a Gender Diversity Programme. We can deliver and input to existing Gender Diversity Programmes, Wellbeing Programmes and Women's networks through executive coaching and maternity coaching as well as delivering Set Yourself Up to Succeed Programme or as a Guest Speaker on our key and emerging themes.


Early Stage Entrepreneurs

Starting her career in The Irish Trade Board (pre Enterprise Ireland), Dearbhalla has come the full circle and loves working with the amazing individuals who are entrepreneurs and/or are self-employed and beating their own drum. Dearbhalla understands the challenges that often come with starting and running our own business such as productivity, focus, time management, self-doubt and maintaining motivation and momentum. So many ideas, but how to move forward with structure and purpose? Dearbhalla works with clients to address these challenges as well as strategic business planning and project management in terms of moving the business forward. Many clients enjoy the accountability that can go with the business coaching relationship.


Own your career. Own your choices

At the risk of sounding clichéd, the Clearbird mission is to help empower clients to take control of their career and lives, to help them to believe that anything is possible. This means taking the time to figure out what you are striving for - enhanced career performance and satisfaction, figuring out what's holding you back, the next promotion, handling major challenges at work, setting up or running your own business, running a career portfolio or even finding the elusive balance between work and life or getting to a point that you are happy with the whole picture and how work and life come together. We work with clients to understand what changes - big or small - they would like to or need to make.